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Funding and costs vary depending on the support and training required for each individual. Costs can be covered either by part of each individuals social care fund through social services or privately if they are interested in joining recreational activities such as our drop in evening or Sign-a-long choir for example.  


Our prices vary and can range from £10 - £50 per hour for support and training on a 1-1 basis. However if an individual accesses our services accompanied by a carer/family member then a flat fee of £10 is charged for the whole session. Any transport involved in accessing each activity can be provided but a mileage charge of £0.25 per mile is applicable. 


Our sign-a-long choir costs £30 for 10 weeks or £4 per session on the night. They are held on Wednesday (Durlston Country Park, Learning Centre) from 5.30pm - 7pm

We work closely with local employers, organisations and local government agencies to provide the best training possible for our clients.  These include Oxfam, Margaret Green Animal Rescue, Swanage Tyres, Royal British Legion, The Old Harry is a Rock Company, Durlston Country Park and Rangers Service (including the Shed). 


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